Of several sexting studies used regarding the West societies have indicated one to this new percentage was higher in faster antique societies

Of several sexting studies used regarding the West societies have indicated one to this new percentage was higher in faster antique societies


Yet not, brand new generalizability for the phenomenon in order to low-Western countries has not been generally explored. The goal of this research would be to take a look at and you can establish cross-social variations in sexting conclusion among sufferers from Bosnia and you will Herzegovina and you may Croatia. A mixed methods approach was utilized. The initial, qualitative phase included desire teams that have one or two categories of high-school students regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina and you can Croatia (

), aged fifteen so you can 19. On the 2nd, quantitative phase, questionnaires was basically taken to 440 young people that have an average decades out-of 21 ages (

). In the interview towards the young adults, nonconsensual sexting are perceived as faster helpful. Sexting is actually viewed as a dual fundamental. The fresh new quantitative study found intercourse and you will country differences in attitudes towards sexting and you may aim having sexting. Confident thinking on the sexting had been found so you’re able to expect various forms from sexting objectives both in trials. From the sample out-of Bosnia and you can Herzegovina, ages are found so you can anticipate sexting having crucial aim and body image reinforcement aim. Gender, while doing so, are seen to be predictive off important sexting motives from the Croatian sample and body picture support sexting purposes regarding the Bosnia and you can Herzegovina sample. This research depicts the worth of mix-cultural methods in addition to combined tips because the a design to review sexting conclusion.

1. Introduction

Nowadays, with the quick growth of technology, a certain particular decisions have emerged entitled sexting-the latest discussing off self-introduced intimate situation thru electronic devices . Sexting emphasizes matchmaking framework and you can consent and will has actually positive effects, like building an intimate relationships between partners, specially when people is actually split up . Bad consequences out-of sexting can include mental troubles , blackmail, and (cyber) intimidation [5, 6].

Earlier research has managed many products one establish why teens engage in sexting, and additionally intimate purposes (e.g., teasing, initiation out of intercourse, and you can intimate interest from the individual) [7, 8], looks image reinforcement [9, 10], being exhausted (; Kopecky, 2011), or damaging anybody in exchange for likes or money and victimization and you may perpetration out-of sexting [8, 12]. Sexual purposes improved as we age, if you’re human body visualize reinforcement showed an excellent quadratic trend, increasing of puberty so you’re able to very early young adulthood and you will coming down away from early to late young adulthood .

Including motivation for sexting, a person’s emotions to the sexting the most crucial predictors out-of engagement into the sexting decisions . Bad thinking into the sexting are prospective embarrassment and you can concern about character . On the other hand, many people possess confident hopes of sexting and accept that performing during the sexting increases worry about-believe which will be a way to raise sexual and dating pleasure certainly one of lovers [15–18]. More emerging adults perceive intimate behavior because the normative and you can discover reduced stigma of the intercourse than among teens . On the other hand, young adults become more probably than simply adolescents to engage in sexting, and you will sexting tends to be a common decisions in built more youthful adult matchmaking (; Mori et al., 2020).

Gender roles are an important factor during the motives and you will thinking for the sexting. Teenage boys was more almost certainly than young women to gain access to sexting in order to become common, provides “enjoyable,” and start to become acceptable immediately following a romance breakup . Likewise, sexting try perceived as riskier and you may for the way more negative outcomes by the female than because of the men [21, 22].

Some other component that impacts sexting try social record . Certain theories already used to determine sexting (age.g., [23–26]) target fitness singles wsparcie just how an actions particularly sexting was stuck in a great particular people, but get across-social evaluations try unusual and you may lookup towards sexting choices begins from an american site. Present research has suggested one sociocultural items is highly recommended to help you see variations in new sexting technology around the nations. Past cross-cultural degree [27–32] found you to definitely skills of sexting differ from the country and you may sex, which have highest incidence inside less traditional nations and more pronounced intercourse differences in regions with liberal feedback away from intimate behavior appropriate for ladies compared to intimately permissive nations.

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