Inside the Sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped in order to a chair on the Bardo and you may installed to help you an IV trickle

Inside the Sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped in order to a chair on the Bardo and you may installed to help you an IV trickle

Putting on Disciple armor and you will cloaked, Sheidheda exists throughout the xcheaters Anomaly from the Second Beginning Bunker for the World

Out-of his status tied, Sheidheda observe this new confrontation ranging from Clarke and you may family members and the Disciples you to definitely concludes with the Flames permanantly forgotten and more than everyone making so you’re able to rescue their friends. Just before Clarke normally get off from the Anomaly, the newest Dark Leader weakly tells Bellamy he may help Bellamy in the event the Bellamy assists him. Sheidheda sends Bellamy so you can Madi’s sketchbook into the their throne with which has Madi’s pictures of memory this lady has become feeling throughout the almost every other Commanders.

Prior to he is able to, Gabriel address contact information brand new Ebony Chief away from Madi and commands their to get assistance from Indra

Cadgoan, dealing with Madi’s sketchbook, comments your Dark Chief was lucky the Disciples introduced your so you can Bardo otherwise Sheidheda will be dry. Cadgoan asks regarding Madi’s drawings and you may Sheidheda acknowledges that as he did not draw her or him, he understands whom performed. Whether or not Cadogan can also be sift through brand new Black Commander’s memories, he requires just what the guy desires rather. Sheidheda wants ensures one to Sanctum try his, they may be able wreck the new Stone plus the Disciples cannot already been back. Cadogan says that Anomaly Stones is indestructible, however, they can possess Sanctum.

Cadogan second thoughts that the Ebony Commander understands just what drawings imply, but the guy understands that it means that a person possess memory maybe not their, memory one to Cadogan need first off the very last Combat, a battle that Sheidheda wants zero element of. Cadgoan states one to Sheidheda is part of they if or not the guy desires to or otherwise not since if it victory, chances are they usually transcend beyond the mortal versions. But not, new Dark Commander has their the fresh new looks and you can Cadogan informs him that he usually transcend though the guy joins the battle. Sheidheda asks if they have a deal, however, Cadogan phone calls him a trick, informing the newest Black Frontrunner when it reduce, it’s not going to number when the the guy battles or not otherwise which planet he is on since the people usually die. Sheidheda implies that Madi has got the thoughts and you can Cadogan understands that Bellamy know and this was as to why Clarke slain your.

Sheidheda warns one Clarke cannot let Cadogan get the lady guy which Cadogan’s struck cluster might get the kid murdered. Sheidheda signifies that Cadogan upload your instead, saying that he would wished no a portion of the struggle prior to he’d understand what is at risk: « transcend otherwise perish. » The fresh new Dark Frontrunner has been around Madi’s head and you may seems you to definitely he understands the woman much better than Madi understands herself because struck team would not understand Madi whatsoever. Sheidheda intends to get Madi back, but their contract must still-stand up coming. Cadogan launches the Ebony Chief during the contract and you will orders your removed on the Anomaly.

Regardless if up against Indra, Gaia and Octavia exactly who are unable to select your, the newest Dark Commander determines never to assault and you will rather to follow along with Octavia immediately after which Octavia and you may Clarke in order to find Madi. Once following the one or two to where Guarantee, Jordan, Murphy and you will Emori was attained in the a great worshop, Sheidheda learns you to definitely Madi is in the rec space. Delighted, the guy shoves Octavia into workshop and you will hair the team in the.

Once the Madi and you will Gabriel play the guitar about rec space, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel through the as well as confronts Madi. Blocking Madi’s eliminate as a result of a port, Sheidheda shows themselves, informing her one to this woman is the secret to this new transcendence of one’s people which he has become sent to bring her straight back although Sheidheda really wants to leadership, not to ever transcend. The fresh Ebony Leader suggests nanotracking tablets he can use to provide this lady straight back peacefully, or a knife to stab the lady which have to bring this lady right back by force if she declines. Drawing his suit’s blade rather, Sheidheda claims he prefers to instinct Madi such an excellent pig as an alternative. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel a few times before you leave him so you can die and you may chasing after Madi.

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