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The company produced about 331,400 boe/d in Q2, up 17% from the same period in 2018. Production included roughly 194,000 boe/d from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and Montana, up 23% from the same 2018 period, and 128,700 boe/d from the SCOOP-STACK play in Oklahoma, up 10% versus the same year-before period. Papa noted that oil prices have been so volatile lately that he wants to be flexible on rig counts, should the opportunity to take advantage of any higher prices next year, should the opportunity arise.

Table 2. Descriptive statistics and correlations among study variables

The total number of correct responses in the congruent and incongruent conditions were recorded. Cronbach’s alpha for the congruent and incongruent trials were .82 and .89, respectively. Data used in this study were from a larger study examining the impact of early childhood classroom environments on child development and learning. The sampling locations were situated in areas with a good mix of kindergartens run by the four main service providers (Ministry of Education, government-subsidized providers, private not-for-profit and private for-profit centres). In Singapore, kindergartens provide half-day programmes with a typical programme length of three to four hours. Establishing bridges between the findings from cognitive neurosciences and teaching practice has not been systematically achieved.

acciones cdev

Identifying EF or FMS difficulties at or before the start of kindergarten may be important. Different approaches to intervention involving EF and FMS may be appropriate for maths versus spelling skills. We suggest for early childhood curricula to enhance opportunities for FMS development, especially for children who enter kindergarten with poor FMS. Currently, there are only a handful of studies that explore the relationship between EA and children’s attachment in adoptive families (see ). Recent research has highlighted the advantages of using narratives to access the children´s internal working models .

In the group of fathers, children’s secure representations of attachment were only positively correlated with involvement. This study was part of a larger funded project that aims to determine the relationships with EA, and the child’s and parents’ characteristics. As a result of the inclusion criteria of one of the tasks (i.e., the Attachment Story Completion Task; ), only children between 3 and 9 years old, and their respective parents, were included in the current study. Interactions between mother and child have been compared to an elaborate dance between two partners . The emotional quality of this interaction has been shown to have a profound effect on the child’s development .

Assessments of children’s FMS, academic achievement, EF and non-verbal intelligence were conducted between February and September in their first year of kindergarten. These measures were administered to the participating children at their kindergartens as part of a larger task battery, by trained research assistants. The measures were divided into five sets, with each set taking 40 to 60 minutes to complete.

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1. Emotional Availability and Attachment

We expect this interaction to be more evident in early academic domains with higher EF and/or FMS demands, such as spelling and maths, compared to reading. We further explore the nature of the interaction to examine the extent to which good FMS compensates for poor EF . On the one hand, good FMS may compensate for poor EF, such that the impact of EF on academic performance is attenuated in children with higher fine motor proficiency. On the other hand, good EF may buffer against the impact of poor FMS, such that the impact of FMS on academic performance is attenuated in children with higher EF. To address issues of coverage and task impurity in existing findings, we use a latent variable approach to obtain comprehensive measures of the multi-componential constructs of EF and FMS.

  • The present study, therefore, broadens the field of research in relation to this hormone, viewing it as a vulnerability element in the aforementioned models and analyzing not just reactivity levels, but circulating baseline levels also.
  • These factors, taken together, explain 49% of the variance in the security of the adopted child attachment representations.
  • As the variables did not follow a normal distribution, they were normalized using the Blom transformation, which is one of the best transformations for dealing with asymmetric distributions , since it mitigates the violation of the normality assumption.
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Additional analyses for evaluating differential susceptibility indicated that the crossover point of the simple slopes on parenting was 1.065, within the range of ±2 SD from the mean of authoritative father. First of all, to test for sex differences in all the variables studied, we conducted xm forex broker review an ANOVA. Subsequently, to test for possible associations between the variables analyzed in the study, a Pearson correlation was performed. To facilitate salivation, participants were given a sweet but were told they were not allowed to eat it until they had given a large enough sample.

Diverse studies have demonstrated that, from a very early age, boys display much more aggressive behavior than girls . The evidence suggests that this difference is not just the result of the gradual socialization process to which all humans are subject , but rather, may well be due also to biological factors . Its practical relevance is highlighted in the intervention setting (e.g., diagnosis process, decision-making about the most suitable interventions for each case, and feedback in sessions with families). Infant attachment representations were evaluated with the Portuguese version of the Attachment Story Completion Task (ASCT; ).

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Journal for the Study of Education and Development

And A.A.; formal analysis, E.P.-S.; methodology, N.d.P.-G.; writing—original draft, E.P.-S.; writing—review and editing, N.d.P.-G. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript. Endendijk J.J., Groeneveld M.G., Dekovic M., van den Boomen C. Short-term test-retest reliability and continuity of emotional availability in parent-child dyads. Chisholm K., Carter M.C., Ames E.W., Morison S.J. Attachment security and indiscriminately friendly behavior in children adopted from Romanian orphanages. Ziv Y., Aviezer O., Gini M., Sagi A., Koren-Karie N. Emotional availability in the mother–infant dyad as related to the quality of infant–mother attachment relationship.

They observed significant differences between pre- and post-intervention in maternal sensitivity and structuring, as well as in the responsiveness and involvement of children in relation to their mothers. These results highlight the important association between these two constructs. This association is of particular importance in adoptive families, where new emotional relationships and interactions will emerge . Early parenting interventions, especially focusing on sensitivity , can be useful since they have been shown to be clinically effective in promoting secure attachment in children under 13 years (see the systematic review and meta-analysis of Wright and Edginton ). These types of programs can be an important resource for intervention.

2. Aggressive Behavior Measure

However, the interactive parental behaviors that give quality to the attachment and which allow the construction of a secure bond with the child are still poorly understood. Therefore, it is important to investigate attachment representations and parental interactions with children . Father’s parenting styles were measured using the Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire . This questionnaire evaluates the frequency with which parents engage in certain behaviors in relation to their children, in order to identify their parenting style.

CDEV now expects to grow oil production 18% this year over that of 2018 rather than the previous 12% forecast, and total growth 17% instead of a prior 8%. That will be achieved on a total capital drilling and completion budget of $625 million-$725 million, and including land, facilities, infrastructure and other items, is $765 million-$925 million, Papa said. To browse and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds toupgrade your browser.

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Validity and Reliability of a Rubric for High School Teachers’ Pedagogical Practices Assessment (SOCME-

The converse is true for children in the ‘Colour first’ condition. Following the practice blocks, children were presented with a Pre-Switch block, where they were given the same task rule as the preceding practice block. This was then followed by a Post-Switch block, where the children were presented with a different task rule from the Pre-Switch block. Lastly, the children completed two Mixed blocks, in which the ‘Shape’ and ‘Colour’ rules were intermixed. Each Mixed block comprised 30 trials, where the Shape rule predominated .

During the home visits that were carried out to collect data for this study, the adoptive families shared several stories about their adoptive processes. Among them, several families reported the differential difficulty in establishing the relationship between mother and child, and father and child. They reported a much greater difficulty for adoptive fathers umarkets forex broker review when establishing a relationship with their children, due to greater rejection from the child, and even anxiety and fear that the child showed for several months after adoption in relation to the adoptive father. Some of these families suggested that the child had regular and long-lasting interactions with female adults in their temporary shelter institution.

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AExcluded from formation of latent variable for little to no score variation in current sample. Each block had six trials progressing from a block with two numbers to a block with seven numbers, resulting in a total of 36 trials. Cited by lists all citing articles based on Crossref citations.

Research shows that executive functions and fine motor skills contribute to early academic skills, possibly in overlapping ways. We examine whether and how EF and FMS interact in the concurrent prediction of maths, reading and spelling skills at the start of kindergarten. Structural Equation Modelling on data from 1248 five-year-olds supports a compensatory account of EF and FMS in contributing towards maths and spelling skills.

Matejevic M., Todorovic J., Jovanovic A. Patterns of family functioning and dimensions of parenting style. Repple J., Habel U., Wagels L., Pawliczek C.M., Schneider F., Kohn N. Sex differences in the neural correlates of aggression. Sánchez-Martín J.R., Azurmendi A., Pascual-Sagastizabal E., Cardas J., Braza F., Braza P., Carreras M.R., Muñoz J.M. Androgen levels and anger and impulsivity measures as predictors of physical, verbal and indirect aggression in boys and girls. Denson T., Mehta P., Tan D. Endogenous testosterone and cortisol jointly influence reactive aggression in women. Platje E., Popma A., Vermeiren R.R.J.M., Doreleijers T.A.H., Meeus W.H.J., van Lier P.A.C., Koot H.M., Branje S.J.T. Jansen, L.M.C. Testosterone and cortisol in relation to aggression in a non-clinical sample of boys and girls.

Following the established hypotheses, the results revealed that girls with high negative emotionality and permissive fathers showed high levels of aggressive behavior. The finding is also consistent with results reported by other authors , who observed that negative emotionality and family environment were linked to aggression levels among children. In a recent study, Ren and Zhang found that children’s negative emotionality and a negative paternal parenting style were linked to externalizing problems in child behavior. This study also highlighted the need to analyze other aspects of negative emotionality, in addition to irritability and to explore parenting practices in more detail. In our study, one plausible interpretation of this finding is that daughters with high levels of anger, sadness, fear and distress perhaps do not have a father figure that shows firm and sets limits to their difficult temperamental profile, what makes them more aggressive.

According to these theories, task performance requires the parallel execution of multiple subactions each competing for limited attentional, perceptual and motoric resources. The automatization of subroutines (e.g., as schemas or action scripts) reduces the mental load or demands of the task on the limited capacity. For example, essential elements of finger-counting include basic knowledge of the numbers involved, correspondence between number and finger representation, seriation, and fine motor control and coordination of the hands and fingers. In older children, these separate elements would have come to be incorporated within one schema for finger-counting and no longer need to be processed individually in working memory. Prior to this stage, each element yet to be automatized and assimilated into the schema will require substantial cognitive resources to be allocated for processing. Thus, for a child with more advanced FMS, an academic task may impose a smaller cognitive load compared to a child still struggling with fine motor control.

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